ICT Tailored Professional services delivery

Our primary target markets are Egypt, Gulf and Africa. Working with customers from both public and private sector and utilizing our capacity to streamline business, create business opportunities and enhance business environment in those markets, crossing with all business domains in each of them.

Business markets will include, but are not limited to:

Retail Market:

    • Providing Business Intelligence and market basket analysis studies
    • Providing Sales analytics, customer profiling and loyalty plans development
    • Providing stock optimization analysis, top selling reports, and supply/demand forecast 

Pharmaceutical supplements and cosmetics Market

    • Market basket analysis studies for retail pharmacies
    • Consumer profiling analysis, direct marketing and loyalty plans development
    •  Competition analysis and market share analysis

Pharmaceuticals - Oncology data analytics and business Intelligence

    • Full implementation of Data entry to data analytics and reporting
    • Engagement with stakeholders including government, pharmaceuticals, healthcare providers and research centres.

Medium and Large Scale Enterprises

(Manufacturing facilities, Food & Beverage, Production facilities)

    • Enterprise analysis services
      • Organizational capacity building
      • Gaps identification and fulfilment plans development
      • Business need identification
      • Business case development and decision support & recommendation
    • Business process analysis, re-engineering and automation (SKELTA BPM)
    • SAS-Work-force management for sales and remote workers using GIS/WFM
    • Fleet management for products distribution planning, optimization and monitoring using GIS/Area-Manager

Distribution and logistics operations support

    • Distribution plan optimization – using GIS/Area Manager
    • SAS - Omni-Channel small size retail delivery and ordering management

Government, Corporates and Multinational enterprises and software companies

TE-Data, TE, Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat, Government agencies, 

    • Business analysis Training and certification preparation
    • Business analysis for software projects courses and workshops

Based on the summary above, we believe that our Customer base is wide and diverged on both business domains and geographically on the local and regional levels, which promises with good market share in each of the markets above provided that the proper business plans has been set.